National parks lovers will enjoy this series, which has been approved by each of the parks covered. The tours are narrated by local rangers and Native Americans and include personal stories, with music and nature sounds recorded on location.

Rocky Mountain: I bought a CD version of this in 2008 on a long-weekend visit to the park, and I tell you, it was outstanding. Truly outstanding. Great narrative and easy to use along the road, like having a knowledgeable and pleasant guide in the car, naturalist and tour guide both. It also made a fine complement to printed guides we had in tow on the terrain and wildlife.

July 2013

Informative and the narrator's voice is dynamic and easy to listen to. Listeners will gain more understanding about the park and the Rocky Mountains. Very good.

Samuel, Denver, CO
March, 2013

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this guide during our recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Although the Trail Ridge road includes plenty of stops that include information about the area, this audio guide went way beyond simply pointing out scenery highlights. It includes interviews with park rangers, historical accounts of events that impacted the park (how a fire forever moved a tree line, for example) and sounds to support a particular topic. It is clear from the thorough, professional quality of this guide that quite a bit of research went into its creation. The pacing was good and each stop is planned out to the point that we never felt rushed to keep up with the narration or felt that it was too slow. I can't imagine anyone driving the Trail Ridge road without this audio guide.

Alex, Ilinois
August, 2011

I recently purchased a copy of your Yellowstone National Park CD and enjoyed it greatly. I was curious to know if you have produced any similar discs for other national parks. Please send me a list or catalog of other productions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Chris, Arvada, CO

We have enjoyed your excellent guided tour of Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain National Park), and would like information about other such tapes or CDs. Specifically, do you have tours of Yellowstone and Grand Teton ? We'll appreciate any information you can send me.

M.M., Fort Collins, CO

This summer while visiting the Grand Canyon , I purchased your ‘Voices of the Canyon’ CD. I LOVED IT! Do you have any other parks on CD? Please send me any information you have... Thank you very much.

Lawrence , El Paso, TX

We bought your travel audio of Rocky Mountain National Park, and it was great! Could you please send me a listing of all the tapes/CDs you have available?

Karen, The Plains, VA

Thanks for sending me the Yellowstone CD. Can't wait to hear it! I'll continue to recommend your Rocky Mountain National Park tape to people, and now this one too.

Kathy, Lyons, CO