Travel Audios is the brainchild of Nancy Rommes, a hands-on entrepreneur with a deep love and respect for the natural world and a talent for communication.

Being a member of the first generation to ever witness the doubling of the world's population, and concerned about the impact of development, Nancy sought a way to increase public support for the protection of cherished wild places.

America's National Parks attract a staggering number of visitors. People come from around the world to enjoy the outdoors and spend time appreciating the parks' areas of scenic splendor. Our National Parks also offer the opportunity to have a wilderness experience in an environment that simultaneously provides relative safety and comfort.

But preliminary research showed that the typical duration of most people's visit is less than four hours, most of which is spent in the car. That leaves little time for exploration on foot, and only a small chance for park exhibits or park rangers to interpret the scenery for the visitor.

If there was a way to provide the visiting public with an interpretive audio guide that could be listened to while driving, the message or “voice of the national park” could be heard. If the natural magic behind the scenery was explained and understood, people may come to appreciate its value and be motivated to support its protection. This reasoning led to the creation of Travel Audios.